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Your Mom Can’t Leave Her Home. How Do You Make Sure She Socializes

Caregiver Ontario, CA: Socializing After a Stroke

After a stroke or some other debilitating chronic health condition, your mom requires a wheelchair. She rarely leaves her home due to the difficulty with mobility. How do you make sure your mom socializes enough when she can’t leave her home? 
Set Up Online Voice Chat 

Caregiver Ontario, CA: Socializing After a Stroke
Caregiver Ontario, CA: Socializing After a Stroke

When you’re at her home, set up an easy-to-use voice chat app on her phone or computer. Google Hangouts is one that’s easy to use. Plus, many people already have Google accounts. Facebook Messenger and Skype are other popular options. 
Once it’s installed, give her a quick lesson to show her how it works. You could also type out a quick guide to contacting others and talking to them online. Set it up so that security and software updates are completed automatically. 
Introduce Her to Online Support Groups 
She can socialize and get support from an online support group. If she has others to talk to who know exactly what she’s experiencing and feeling, she’ll feel uplifted. 
She can find these groups in chat rooms and forums on official websites linked to her chronic condition. She’ll also find them on Facebook and other social media sites. 
Talk to Friends and Family About a Visitation Schedule 
Friends and family should visit your mom often. Rather than having multiple people show up on the same day, talk to others about the days they want to visit. Try to arrange it so that people are spreading out visits throughout the week. 
You may find gaps on some days. You need to ask your mom if she wants some time to herself or if she is lonely on those days. If she does feel lonely, talk to others to see if anyone is available on that day or time. 
Caregivers Provide the Socialization She Needs 
Talk to her about companionship services from caregivers. Chatting with you on the phone is one thing. A face-to-face visit with a caregiver each day or week will do a lot for her socialization options. She’ll find caregivers become great friends to have around for games, movie afternoons, or book chats. 
Caregivers come as often as you arrange. They could stop by once a week, every few days, or each day. While they’re at your mom’s house, they can also help her with showers, housework, and meals. The services and schedules are up to your family. 


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