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What Can Extra Help Do After Your Senior’s Stroke?

Senior Care Upland, CA: What Can Extra Help Do After Your Senior’s Stroke?

Per information from the American Stroke Association, strokes are the fifth leading cause of both death and disability in the US. If your elderly family member has had a stroke, you both likely need a little bit of extra assistance.


Food Can Be a Big Concern

Senior Care Upland, CA: What Can Extra Help Do After Your Senior’s Stroke?
Senior Care Upland, CA: What Can Extra Help Do After Your Senior’s Stroke?

One of the biggest issues after stroke might be ensuring that your senior is getting the nutrition that she needs. She needs all the nutrients that she can get to help her body to heal, but that can be difficult if chewing and swallowing are difficult or if she’s unable to feed herself easily. All of this can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting, which is why having help from senior care providers for everything from cooking to helping with feeding can be exactly the right answer.


Avoiding Fall Risks

After a stroke your senior is far more likely to experience a fall, which can be both terrifying and detrimental to her physical healing. Narrowing down what might make your senior most likely to fall is vital if you’re going to correct those issues for her. Experienced senior care providers can spot some of these fall risks that you might have missed.


Personal Care Tasks Might Be Way More Difficult

So much of your senior’s normal life is affected by a stroke. If her motor skills are significantly impaired, even getting dressed and taking a shower might be impossible for her. Help from home care providers allows her to maintain her dignity and take care of these very personal tasks. Taking a shower and being fully dressed can do wonders for her morale, especially when other aspects of life are incredibly difficult.


Getting Where She Needs to Go

If other aspects of her daily life are impaired, your senior almost definitely isn’t driving. But after a major medical issue, she’s going to need to go to follow-up appointments and possibly visit with specialists, therapists, and go to other appointments. Elder care providers can take over the driving for your senior, ensuring she gets where she needs to go.


Providing Respite Time

Your senior’s stroke has an effect on you as her caregiver, too. If you’re not taking care of yourself and ensuring that you have breaks regularly, that’s going to take a toll on you. Part of being there for your senior means taking respite breaks when you can.

There’s a lot about your senior’s life that might have changed after a stroke, possibly permanently. Having extra help allows both you and her to adjust to her new normal.


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