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Ways to Thoroughly Clean the Home After a Virus Hits

Home Care Fontana, CA: Cleaning after COVID

Chest colds, the flu, and even viruses like the must-discussed COVID-19 can all knock you down for days or weeks. Your older parents need to be especially careful at prevention. Hand washing is an important first step. 
If they do get a cold or another virus, it’s important to do a thorough cleaning. These are the steps to take to ensure you clean thoroughly to keep the spread to a minimum. 
Use a Germ Killing Agent Like Bleach on All Frequently Touched Items 

Home Care Fontana, CA: Cleaning after COVID
Home Care Fontana, CA: Cleaning after COVID 

Take a disinfectant wipe or a paper towel and some bleach spray and wipe down all frequently-touched items. Door knobs, remotes, phones, keys, toilets, and faucet handles are all items that get covered in germs. Computer keyboards, power switches, toothbrush handles, appliance controls, and light switches are others. 
Make sure you wipe them at least once a day to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. Paired with hand washing, this will help reduce the spread of the virus to others who are not yet sick. 
Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly 
Surfaces like counters, stovetops, sinks, tables, and arms on chairs should also get wiped down daily. If anyone sneezes or coughs and doesn’t cover their mouth, the spray will travel. Keeping surfaces clean is just as important as keeping items sterile. 
Change Sheets 
Change sheets if any body fluids get on them. Spray pillows with Lysol or a similar spray. Wash the sheets and pillowcases in hot water with bleach if possible. If pillows have zippered covers, you should wash those covers, too. 
Clean Upholstery 
A sneeze or cough can also land on upholstery. It’s not as easy to clean, but you should clean the upholstery after the virus abates. Steam cleaners do more than rugs, many also have upholstery attachments. 
You may also be able to spray the upholstery with a disinfectant like Fabreze Professional that kills germs on surfaces you cannot wash. It will help keep germs to a minimum and kill odors at the same time. 
If You’re Sick, Stay Home 
If you do get hit with a virus, you shouldn’t be at your parents’ home. If your parents live with you, try to stay out of rooms they frequent. You don’t want to share your germs with them. Home care services should be your first step to recovery. Let a caregiver help your parents out while you recuperate. 
Ask a home care agency in your area about the available services. Housekeeping, meals, transportation, companionship, laundry, and many other services help your parents live independently. It gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on yourself. 


If you or an aging loved-one is considering home care in Fontana, CA please contact the caring staff at Motherly Comfort Home Care, LLC today at (909) 610-3222. 

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