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Helping you become active participants in your chosen communities.

Down syndrome girl on background of flowers field

Everyone faces difficulties and challenges at one time or another. However, for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, these challenges and barriers can be more frequent and significant. The World Health Organization defines barriers as something more than just physical obstacles, it includes an inaccessible physical environment; lack of relevant assistive technology (i.e. rehabilitative or assistive devices); and negative attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Through our community inclusion services Motherly Comfort Home Care LLC, we strive to help our clients overcome these barriers and become active participants in their chosen communities. We want to help our clients enjoy the world around them.

We offer services such as:

  • Socialization Activities
  • Job Coaching
  • Housing Programs
  • Skills Development
  • Volunteering
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Life Skill Development
  • Accessing Community Resources
  • Community-Based Healthcare
  • Community-Based Employment
  • And more

A Passion for Helping

Don’t let challenges prevent you from living a happy, fulfilled life. Set an Appointment now so that we can discuss your community inclusion needs. For other inquiries, you can reach us at 909-610-3222.