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Luis D. HermoLuis D. Hermo

Hilda was God sent. She is wonderful and very attentive. I couldn’t handle my brother Alfonso when he was sick. Hilda used to take care of him and drive him to UC Irvine to see his ophthalmologist and to the Braille Institute in Anaheim. Myself and my brother Al never had any complains. If I were in a bad shape as my brother I would definitely hire her full time. She is part of the family. She has been with the Hermo family for more than 30 years. When Hilda and I couldn’t handle my brother anymore due to his advance lymphoma and blindness I had to take him into a nursing home. He was there for about a month before he passed. Hilda would go every day to keep him company. As a result, I would highly recommend Motherly Comfort home care services.
Luis D. Hermo

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